Discovery Receives Significant Funding From Monthly Bingo Jackpot

Petrolia Discovery thanks our dedicated BINGO volunteers for their time and commitment. “A decision was made last month not to have volunteers returning to cGaming sites given the continuing health risks. Instead, during this time, charities and nonprofits should qualify for participation. These flexible requirements have been communicated to all cGaming charities and must be done each month that a group receives funds. Ontario Charitable Gaming Association Petrolia Discovery receives significant funding from the monthly Jackpot Bingo. These proceeds are used for the restoration and ongoing maintenance of the historic oilfield. In 2019, Petrolia Discovery received $ 16,000 for these. projects. Over the next few months you will notice that we are using the logos for OCGA and Jackpot Bingo on our Facebook page and we will be highlighting some of the projects made possible by this ongoing funding. This is part of the new requirement for charities to continue receiving these funds We are pleased that they have found an interim solution for all worthy charities and nonprofits to continue to receive funds.